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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

30 Days of World Building by Stephanie Bryant

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  I like how building my fantasy world can help me figure out the politics, economy, etc of my fantasy world.  What stopped my writing process with some drafts was whenever I pondered about name of the god my protagonist was worshiping and why was the god so important to his world.  

     30 Days of Worldbuilding by Stephanie Bryant is helping me world build at a faster speed than Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions.   The writing exercises (after the brilliant explanations), most of them, are only supposed to be done in fifteen minutes a day.  This is the guide that has been getting me through March.  The short exercises were ideally written as guide for those participating in November's National Novel Writing Month.  

    I am going to use 30 Days of Worldbuilding with a few of my stories, then both 30 Days of Worldbuilding and Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions together with one story and see how much I like either guide.  I assume the former is better suited for short stories and the latter is for long stories.  

  I will keep this blog updated.  


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