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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm Moving....


I have a website called www.indieauthortiffany.com .  I have decided to stop posting here in order to drive more traffic to www.indieauthortiffany.com.  Thank you.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Drawing A Map Really Helped

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  I am decent at drawing people but I am not good at drawing scenery, let alone maps.  The exercise for 30 Days of Worldbuilding required me to draw a map.   The map helped me think of where the resources for my fantasy world was set.  Where the humans can cut down trees, run into merpeople, or even find "lost" treasure.  

   Even though I have no intention of putting a map with my Ebook, the exercise does allow me to think figure out the locations of my fantasy world's races, buildings, and land/oceans capes. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Keeping In Contact With Beta Reader

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A long time ago, I decided to tell people offline about my upcoming eBooks.  Too bad I told these people about my possible eBooks in 2013 and now the year is 2015.  I now have one of my future beta readers as a friend offline and on Facebook.  I visit her often for socializing and having fun.  Aside from ending any possible chances of feeling alone, she also reminds me about my eBooks.

       A few days ago, I decided to tell her about the summary of my first eBook.  There is always the possibility that my eBook's summary and plot will change.  I want to hear what she thinks because I need seconds opinions on my work.  This lets me know what other people might think when it comes to future reviews.  I will post the summary I gave her and her (abridged) responds.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Changing Names Around

New MOOD by Onnit

      Thanks to this page, I was started changing the names around for my current ebook named Golden Sharks.  The world building page guide gives detail on mood and culture.  I originally gave my characters all Greek names, then I only gave the mermaids Greek names.  When the setting was no longer in modern day Earth, I felt I needed to change the names again.

    The humans were given, hopefully easy to pronounce, fantasy names and the merpeople were given ancient real life names that I feel were uncommon in our present day society.  
 For example...

1. "John" (human) became "Joht" and then became "Raziel".
2. Apollo (merman) became "Parazifel", then "Halvor".
3. (Some fantasy names for some humans) "Tizmer" and "Cancor"
 These are just examples from Golden Sharks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

30 Days of World Building by Stephanie Bryant

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  I like how building my fantasy world can help me figure out the politics, economy, etc of my fantasy world.  What stopped my writing process with some drafts was whenever I pondered about name of the god my protagonist was worshiping and why was the god so important to his world.  

     30 Days of Worldbuilding by Stephanie Bryant is helping me world build at a faster speed than Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions.   The writing exercises (after the brilliant explanations), most of them, are only supposed to be done in fifteen minutes a day.  This is the guide that has been getting me through March.  The short exercises were ideally written as guide for those participating in November's National Novel Writing Month.  

    I am going to use 30 Days of Worldbuilding with a few of my stories, then both 30 Days of Worldbuilding and Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions together with one story and see how much I like either guide.  I assume the former is better suited for short stories and the latter is for long stories.  

  I will keep this blog updated.  


Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm Not Sure About Joining Another Challenge. This Month...

ChocoFree Metabolate     I think I have way too many rough drafts to work on this year and to the next year.  I need to publish a few electronic books before I go on and make a new first draft.  I hope I can finish one or two before next November.

       I did like Nanowrimo but the challenge did get me hooked on counting words and not making quality drafts. Apparently, this March's challenge is this.

       For March and maybe even a few more months ahead.  I am working on world building for my electronic books.  This is a task that I need to do in order to get more comfortable with my fantasy worlds.  I can not simply write without knowing more about my own fantasy world. I previously wrote about world building in this post.

     More on this later.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cleaning Up the Spam

I spent a good amount of time a few days ago cleaning up the spam on my website.  This is just a reminder to anyone that wants to post a link to some e commerce or scam website, there comment will not be seen unless I improve the comment.  If someone who actually wants to contribute on this blog posts, I want you to know that I have seen your comment in my emails.  I may not be able to post a response right away but you are not being ignored.  

I might also mistake your comment for spam, I do not intentionally ignore comments.

I value opinions on this blog and I appreciate it when someone (who is not trying to post spam) takes their time to comment.