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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Got a Long Way to Go

If you have followed my tumblr, then you realize that I have made a schedule.  So far that schedule has been working for me.  I go to work, Monday through Friday: 12pm to 8pm.  Work can be slow at times at this call center, thus giving me a lot of time to write before another call happens.  

Got a Long Way to Go:

In the above picture, I have about half of that notebook to type into my Microsoft Word document.  Then....
I'm almost done with this notebook.   Thankfully, with this job, I have gotten more of my second draft done then I ever have before while I procrastinate when I was jobless.  Learning how to make more time for myself is one of my goals while I continue to work at this temp job.  This means spending this weekend to type everything in the previous and current journals that I have pictured.