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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm Not Sure About Joining Another Challenge. This Month...

ChocoFree Metabolate     I think I have way too many rough drafts to work on this year and to the next year.  I need to publish a few electronic books before I go on and make a new first draft.  I hope I can finish one or two before next November.

       I did like Nanowrimo but the challenge did get me hooked on counting words and not making quality drafts. Apparently, this March's challenge is this.

       For March and maybe even a few more months ahead.  I am working on world building for my electronic books.  This is a task that I need to do in order to get more comfortable with my fantasy worlds.  I can not simply write without knowing more about my own fantasy world. I previously wrote about world building in this post.

     More on this later.

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