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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Networking and National Writing Month

Getting Tips in Unlikely Places

So last week was Nekocon, an anime convention.  At the end of a panel titled "How to Make Your Geek Job a Reality", I had the opportunity to share with the panelists the websites I have created.  While I was there at the anime convention to promote websites not titled "Indie Author Tiffany", one of the panelists discussed National Novel Writing Month.  

National Novel Writing Month 

Apparently November is a month when writers get together and write a novel as soon as possible.  Before I turned ten I was able to quickly create long stories within a month and check my grammar and spelling mistakes to the best of my abilities (the best a ten-year-old could).  I find with a deadline, cases with writer's block has been happening less and less now.   My deadline for this month is to finish my rough draft for my story or at least get REALLY close to finishing my electronic book.

I just created an account today on National Novel Writing Month.  There are prizes for people who accomplish writing 50,000 words at the end of November but I am more concerned with finishing my rough draft.   

This Website 

For anyone who is actually reading this website, may have noticed that I barely update.  The reason for the lack of updates is simple; I do not know what to write about on this site.  That's the honest truth.  In addition to writing my first draft at a quick pace this month, I will be looking at other indie author websites and seeing what these authors put on their websites.   By doing this, I will get some ideas and there will be more posts in the future.

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