New MOOD by Onnit

Friday, July 12, 2013


So some of you might think that this was an abandoned website but as of today’s post, indieauthortiffany.com is alive and well.  There are many reasons for this website to not have many posts and the two main reasons are writer’s block and the fact that I write on paper 90 percent of the time.


My story involves Virginia Beach, Virginia as the setting in present day, merpeople, and witches.  I used to write a ton of modern fantasy when I was younger but now since I am an adult I have the habit of trying to add common sense to my stories.  Nagging thoughts like “people know merpeople do not exist”, “do I make my own version of witches or do I research them?”, and “I’m not the best at grammar so why don’t I come back to writing my book once I have taken an English course at a community college”.
The majority of these thoughts are losing their effect on me and I will tell you readers why in future posts.


Virginia is a state that I have grown used to since I moved to the state in 1993.  There is a ton of history to work with while still being able to insert my own fantasy elements into my electronic book.  Since my merpeople will live near water, I searched a few real estate websites with a large database of homes on or near the oceanfront. The next part was looking up the mythology commonly found for merfolk.   The research for merfolk helped me recall a lot of information I used to know back when I was fascinated with merfolk as a child.

Summary for my Electronic Book

Apollo has been ordered by his king to take residence in his recently murdered uncle’s house on the surface in order to continue his late uncle’s study on humans and the witches.  Although dedicated to his race, Apollo finds the human race annoying and would rather return to his original duties; finding a bride for his older brother under the sea.  When Apollo becomes interested in his neighbor Jacob, Apollo finds himself involved with the witches and and the humans who killed his uncle.
Jacob’s mother has been given Jacob pressure, for a year, after graduating high school to get a job and move out of the house.  On top of the pressure, his mother has been sending him to a therapist for years after the disappearance of his sister in the middle of the night.    With his demanding mom’s threats to send Jacob to the navy just like his brother, Jacob rides his boat during the night time to be by himself.  When his mother forces him to get to know his new neighbor Apollo before the family reunion, he finds himself getting closer to the whereabouts of his sister and group of witches.


This book is modern fantasy with romance as the sub genre.  I thought I should set the summary for two of the main characters as their activities and their families’ activities influence each other.