New MOOD by Onnit

Saturday, October 11, 2014



Hello guys.  There are ways to make money online.  I work a lot of temp jobs and being able to support myself, while I job search, is really cool.

This website had me writing a variety of articles for websites and individuals.  The assignments are categorized such as Technology, Education, and Health.  I never thought I would be writing about electronic cigarettes, athletes, or hotels, but Textbroker got me to expand my horizon.

Texbroker.com is just a hobby for me, but some people have managed to a make three digit weekly checks a week.  That would take a lot of dedication, and earning enough for gas money is good enough for me.  The owners do rate your work and tell you what classifications you can write for.

I am at 4 classification but I write for 3 classification assignments.  I feel you really have to have a complete hold on the english grammar in order to write for 4 classification.  Sadly, some assignments are hard to understand and the poster may ask for a revision the next day.

Take a look at this website if you like writing.