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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Setting a Writing Schedule


For a while, I have been getting into the habit of writing.  Of course the most common and cliched advice I have ever heard was to begin writing at least thirty minutes a day.  Making myself put a pencil to the paper and force myself to write for thirty minutes helped me develop a habit and a schedule.

Without developing this habit, my story would forever stay in my head and would never become an electronic book.  The discovery of making new ideas or changing a few elements to make my story more exciting and understandable is fun.  Of course I am still a human being and I have missed the opportunity to write my story and my idea out for the day.  Sometimes the harshness of life or unexpected events in my life do get in the way my schedule.

Because I write my ideas on paper first, I am able to travel to different areas in order to write.  Traveling to different parts of my neighborhood and writing a story which takes place in my state, really helps my story's setting.

So far, my story is a contemporary fantasy set in Virginia Beach, Virginia with merpeople, witches, and romance.  I may or may not have a summary for the story in the next few weeks.