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Monday, December 29, 2014

Getting Back Into Writing

Thanks to National Novel Writing Month, I have gotten back into writing.  I believe a loss of motivation happens to everyone but this loss of motivation has been an issue for me for years.  National Novel Writing Month does help me to come up with a schedule for writing activities and a deadline.  Without a deadline, I tend to write very slowly or not at all.  The latter part is far more worse than the former part.

After winning National Novel Writing Month twice, I realize that all I need to do is just write something or anything.  To do so, gets my mind going.  As I continue writing a story, the plot, characters, and other things come together.  This is good as I tend to have a bunch of what ifs stuck in my head if I do not bother to continue typing my story for a few days to a few weeks.  Such feelings are annoying and easily gotten rid of through writing.

My only negative effect from winning National Novel Writing Month is that I tend to think about the numbers of words in my story vs the quality of my story.  Since I am editing my drafts, I am cutting out a ton of words that I have spent minutes to hours thinking of typing.  From now on, I will only think of numbers when it comes to National Novel Writing Month.  Any other month of the year, I will be thinking of the quality of my story instead.

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