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Monday, April 27, 2015

Keeping In Contact With Beta Reader

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A long time ago, I decided to tell people offline about my upcoming eBooks.  Too bad I told these people about my possible eBooks in 2013 and now the year is 2015.  I now have one of my future beta readers as a friend offline and on Facebook.  I visit her often for socializing and having fun.  Aside from ending any possible chances of feeling alone, she also reminds me about my eBooks.

       A few days ago, I decided to tell her about the summary of my first eBook.  There is always the possibility that my eBook's summary and plot will change.  I want to hear what she thinks because I need seconds opinions on my work.  This lets me know what other people might think when it comes to future reviews.  I will post the summary I gave her and her (abridged) responds.  

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