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Saturday, January 18, 2014

World Building and Researching Part 1


In addition to finishing my first rough draft for my story, I have started world building.  One of my first posts on this website discussed that the setting of my story will be in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the United States.  Although I have lived near that area since 1993, there is still a lot to learn about the city's beach, events, and even its history.
Through writing my first draft, I ended up adding a fantasy realm for my merpeople to in habit.  The setting in my fantasy realm takes place at a village near a beach.  Due to taking Marine Biology in 2006, I forgot a lot of information I learned about the ocean.
These are what I am using to regain that knowledge of the ocean.  


This book is not just filled with pretty pictures but also a ton of information about the ocean.  I plan on reading this book fully; front and back.  My story has a ton of sea travel and I better know the ocean like the back of my hand.

Videos on Youtube and Animal Planet

There are a ton of playlists and channels dedicated to oceanography on youtube.  One of the most interesting sources was Mermaids: The Body Found.   This creative documentary has some people believing that merpeople exist with various stories of mermaid bodies found or encounters with mermaids.  I never knew about the Aquatic Ape Theory until I saw this documentary.  
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